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 Hello , I'm Chris Palmer the founder of the SEO Mastermind. When I started this group it was to interact and network with people that love the same industry as me. I built this Mastermind to connect with the people that actually test things out and implement before asking questions. I wanted to connect with original thinkers that help move the SEO and marketing industry forward all while meeting like minded friends to talk to and share ideas along with victories and losses.

After holding the SEO Mastermind Group for 1 year and speaking with the current SEO Mastermind members I've learned a lot about SEO groups.

This SEO group was started for anyone interested in mastering SEO through SEO testing and growing as a community. If you enjoy figuring out what actually works and want to learn cutting edge on the fringe digital marketing SEO strategies and techniques that you can apply to your business than your in the right place. 

If your a SEO beginner or expert there is always room to grow.

The bigger and more equipped mine and your network is the easier it will be to SQUASH our competitors!

It is true , this SEO mastermind will take the beginner and make them a professional. Skyrocketing your professional ability to a top notch expert. All the while walking with our SEO experts until they reach mastery.

Dedicated to Building the Best SEO Testing Group and Mastermind


It's All About The People !

The #1 aspect that insures busy professionals like you actually show up for the sessions and learn to SQUASH your competitors with cutting edge SEO tested strategies and techniques. 


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